Indoor BrandingWe have extensive experience in creating customized packaging and bags for different industries including fashion and food industries. Let us help you create an exciting and distinctive range of bags for your shop. Customize your bags to increase the credibility of your business and leverage your customers as an advertising channel.

In this generation of increased environmental awareness, most retail stores now settle in replacing plastic bags with anything paper-based. Paper bags and boxes are now being used for shopping because they’re eco-friendly, recyclable and cheaper. Apart from their use in carrying stuff; paper bags are usually kept for future use especially when they are beautifully designed or made from durable material. Companies are now coming up with creative bags as part of their branding and it is becoming a huge trend particularly in the retail and fashion industry.

Our packaging solutions and shopping bags and boxes look more attractive when they come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. However, functionality should come first. COLORMATH can help you achieve exactly that.

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